Right out of school a teenager from south Indian who likes to dress her self in baggy pants & Quirky Shirts heads to the north to pursue her parent’s dreams and leaving her dream behind. When she heads there she comes across a number of different characters and then cupid turns his sight to her. Get a to the world of a girl who fights with the dramatic interpretations of people around her to get her stand in this society.

Disclaimer: The university mentioned in my story has nothing to do with the Amity University in the real world, I used its name just for the readers to relate easily.



9 thoughts on “Nobody’s someone

  1. You have no Idea how happy I felt reading your posts. I was from the same university (been like 6 years since I have graduated) and it seems like nothing has changed out there lol.

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    1. Thank you so much Neal! Happy that my prose took u back to Ur college. Actually I have never been to the university, I used just its name so that readers can relate easily and to sound realistic. If my description matches the actual place that’s a coincidence I guess πŸ˜‰

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      1. What? Is the story fictious? I mean you even mentioned the gate no 3 lol. I remember how boys used to hangout in girl’s hostel. Girls like Shanaiya were everywhere out there. All it seemed so realistic to me. I’m sure you must have had some relation to that university. Stop hiding now Char πŸ˜›

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